Discrepancy in Arrest Report Leads to Investigation of APD Officer

We read stories about this type of thing on a regular basis. The person who is arrested complains that he or she was manhandled or otherwise abused by a police officer or officers, and the response is that the force was necessary in light of the fact that the suspect was “resisting arrest.” This past […]

Austin Property Crime Statistics

We see figures concerning crime that come from a variety of sources. Those sources include the Austin PD, the Texas Department of Public Safety, as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation. When you take the numbers related to property crimes from all the official sources available, there are some interesting, and perhaps startling, conclusions […]

Woman Charged with False Police Report in Claim of Sexual Assault

It began with a report by Georgetown resident Delisha Thomas. Ms. Thomas reported to police a bizarre and disturbing sequence of events that allegedly took place last month and began in North Austin, including being kidnapped for two days, being sexually assaulted, having bleach poured on her, and being locked in the trunk of her […]

Misdemeanor Plea in Fatal Car Crash

When a person causes the death of someone else, most people tend to assume that any criminal charge will be a felony. After all, murder, manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, and intoxication manslaughter are all felonies of one degree or another. So when a plea agreement is struck that provides for a guilty plea to a […]

Drug Bust and Endangerment Charges after Traffic Stop

When we hear about traffic stops, we may think of the possibility of speeding tickets, a citation for running a red light or a stop sign, or maybe a DWI. But the fact is that traffic stops often lead to much more serious allegations. A case in point involves a recent incident that took place […]

Leaving a Child Unattended in a Car – What’s the Charge?

A recent report concerns an incident in Pflugerville, Texas, in which a man allegedly left his child in a locked car while he went into a building around lunchtime to renew his Texas identification card. The girl was just a year old, and when another person pulled up beside the car and saw the child, […]

Consequences of Violating Bail Conditions

If you’ve been granted a release on bail, have posted bail, and are now walking the streets, be careful what you do while your case proceeds through the court system. Whatever the conditions of your bail may be, a violation of one or more of them can lead to serious consequences. An example was reported […]

Road Rage in Travis County

When most of us think about the phrase “road rage,” we probably focus on the feelings of anger and frustration that reveal themselves when other drivers act as if they own the road. Of course, if we’re really honest about it, most of the anger is directed at actions that we ourselves are guilty of […]

“Aggressive” Panhandling Targeted by Undercover Officers

That’s what officers from the Austin Police Department are calling certain tactics they say are being used by panhandlers in the downtown area. So early this year, the APD began an undercover operation to deal with the problem. Now, according to the downtown commander, the efforts are being stepped up. Police say that aggressive panhandling […]

City Bag Ban Said to Aid Shoplifters

Earlier this year, a city ordinance went into effect which, with some exceptions, banned Austin businesses from supplying single-use carryout bags to its customers. It had taken a year from its initial passage in March 2012 to prepare all the administrative rules which apply to the ordinance. As you might expect, opinions on the usefulness […]