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We contacted Matt Shrum to handle a court case for a family member and he went above and beyond to make sure we got the best outcome possible. He was able to work with the court and kept us informed every step of the way. We would recommend Matt Shrum to anyone who needs a matter handled with the criminal court. His service, knowledge and professionalism was outstanding!


I would recommend Mr. Shrum 100 percent over any other attorney in austin texas. I was dealing with a very extensive and long dwi, 3 years to be exact. this man was by my side thru the whole thing. Even when i didnt do the correct things he was there vouching for my name. He puts his clients first more than anything and he worked an amazing deal out with the prosecution for me. Im very blessed for Mr. Shrum. I recommend him whole heartedly.


Matt did an outstanding job. He was clear about what I needed to do and I followed his recommendation exactly. dismissed!


Matt helped my brother and I with two serious issues I have full confidence in his abilities and his word is his bond. Rest assured if you reach out to Matt he will help you out to the greatest of his abilities

- Ryan

In Austin, during no refusal weekend, I got pulled over for speeding on Congress (11 mph over). I had been drinking earlier in the night, and refused to blow (officer did report that I did well on the field sobriety tests). Subsequently, I was taken to jail and charged with a DWI and UCW. Hired Matt Shrum the next day. From day 1, Matt and his staff were extremely knowledgeable and professional. Matt has always been in communication and is well versed in criminal law. He kept every appointment and was always accessible. 1.5 years after my initial arrest, we pled to obstruction of a highway. DWI and UCW were dismissed. I am extremely satisfied. Matt is awesome!

- Steven

Mr. Shrum was highly recommended to me by a friend of mine who had used his services before. The first phone call that I made to Matt indicated to me that he was more than willing and able to assist me in my legal matter. I found Matt to be straightforward with me, knowledgeable, helpful and above all available. Because of my job and my schedule, Matt was always able to work with me whenever a court appearance was warranted and his extensive knowledge of the Travis County court system as well as the local municipal field was an immense help in my situation.
It is with great confidence and pride that I recommend Mr. Shrum for your legal needs.


If you need an attorney for DWI or anything else, trust me, Matt is your guy. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. I got a DWI and needed to find an attorney. It was my first DWI, so I really didn't have a clue how to pick the right/best attorney (considering there are so many). After doing a lot of research and looking through the pile of marketing letters I had received through mail from different attorneys, Matt was one of five or so that I called or met with. Long story short, of all the attorneys I talked to (and they were all highly competent, pricey, known attorneys), in my opinion, Matt was on another level mentally. A strategic thinker who looks a things from different angles (we talked for a while). I also looked up how many cases he had working (which was a large number), as well as his past results. I was impressed. I also learned that he was a former prosecutor. I came to the conclusion that he was intelligent, highly competent, and a hard worker. Just what I was looking for. All in all, what I observed and experienced is that Matt knows the game from both a prosecutor and criminal defense perspective, and was well liked by the prosecutors and judge. I'd recommend him to my family and closest friends without hesitation. He got my DWI reduced to an obstruction of highway charge. Thank you Matt.


Matt Shrum is a miracle worker.

Over a half-century into my life, I was arrested for a first and only DWI. Recognizing that I posed no danger to society, Mr. Shrum not only achieved the impossible - which was to get my case dismissed (deferred prosecution)! - but did so allowing a payment plan flexible enough for me to manage on a fixed income.

When initially shopping for an attorney, I spoke with many, and my hopes were low, based on the evidence for the prosecution. Most with whom I spoke were helpful, and I'd narrowed the choices down to a few who seemed exceptional without their making false promises as to potential outcomes. What struck me about Matt were several things, among them that
• he was highly respected by his colleagues, as I learned around that time and later at the courthouse,
• he'd been a prosecuting attorney previously, which would aid him in empathizing with the state, and lent him an extra negotiating tool or two from having had that relationship with the prosecutors' office,
• he was the most willing to work out a payment plan, even though it was apparent that he didn't need to in order to gain anymore clients, and
• in the end, my gut told me he was the right guy.

Mr. Shrum is professional, knows his stuff, operates at a high level of integrity, and I will be forever grateful to him.


First comes first.... I'm a young student/mother and they're so flexible with payment plans and make it so easy to do.

Second, so easy to contact/get ahold of. Never had any issue getting in contact! He always calls or texts back and the ladies at the office always email back quickly.

Third... And the best part.. He got both of my charges dismissed, and fast. In less than 5 months everything was done and over with (which we all know the court likes to drag things out). I only even had to go to court once, on the final day, just to be told my charges were dismissed and that besides a future removal from my record, everything was done.

Also, he's not money hungry. He gave me a reasonable price for an exceptional experience. He wants the best for his clients and it shows. Thank you again, Mr.Shrum!!


This was my first, and hopefully last, DWI that I have gotten and I happened to look up Matt Shrum on the internet when looking for a good lawyer. Let's just say that I feel extremely fortunate to have come across him and his experience as an attorney. He was very professional, did not have me do things that were overly time consuming/unnecessary to handle my case in an excellent manner. Most importantly, he focused on the details of my case and was successful in getting it dismissed. I give Matt my highest recommendation in every way possible. Again, if you are looking for someone that is professional, efficient, effective, and on the ball, don't hesitate to contact Matt Shrum for your legal representation.


Mr. Shrum did a great job for me ..
Being a former Prosecutor , he knows what buttons to push.. I did not hear from him much , unless I needed to .. and I appreciated that.. I would and will recommend Mr. Shrum to anyone and hopefull myself will not be need his services again


Matt is genuinely a nice guy and wants to help people. I didn't make my legal issues easy by any means, but he showed up for me and represented me with professionalism and kindness. He is an exceptional attourney and I am very grateful to him and his amazing office staff, particularly Kristy, for really having my back. Thank you!


Matt is hands down the greatest legal advisor I've ever come in contact with. He is an intellectual person, who knows his law quite well. He helped me with a seemingly impossible case regarding a dwi, that was brought down to a lesser charge, even after I defaulted on my probation he was able to keep me out of jail and able to work with the judge to allow me to continue my school semester, with no further charges. Every step of the way he keeps you informed with his processes, and tells you how it's looking.

No one wants to get a dwi, but if you do find yourself in that position, give Matt a call he will help you out.